These Strange Alien Skulls Found in Africa Could Rewrite Our History

For the most part, we believe we are the only intelligent species that has lived on this planet.

It seems that a fairly recent discovery seems to contradict this.

This discovery seems to have something to do with the mummies recently found in Peru. It could be the final proof to prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

An extremely bizarre skull has recently been discovered in Africa. He was buried at a fairly deep depth.

The shape of the skull seems to resemble an intelligent being. However, this ancient skull is totally different from that of a human being.

The discovery of this ancient skull has sparked a greenhouse of controversy among scientists. It seems that after the carbon dating of this ancient skull, it was found that its age is about 14 million years.

14 million years ago, the human race did not even exist on this planet. If everything is true, it means that we have discovered the first tangible evidence of extraterrestrial beings.

After a series of elaborate tests, the researchers also discovered traces of iridium in this skull. Iridium is frequently found in meteorites coming from space.

Skeptics believe it is simply a deformed skull and carbon dating has not been accurate enough.

But I think this skull needs to be studied further because it could be proof of alien beings.

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